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September 16, 1986

Dear Wayne,

"Thank you again for the excellent job you did at Patty and Clarke's wedding. We especially appreciated your ability to do things in an orderly manner and yet in a joyful and easy way and without taking too much time."


Peggy Dorst

Studio & Family Portraits

Family portrait photography is a favorite time honored way to turn a special occasion into a lasting memory that can be enjoyed by friends and family for many years to come. There are as many reasons to have a portrait of your family taken as there are families, and at Wayne Salvatore Photography, we strive to make each and every one of you feel special and welcome. Whether your children are still young or are quickly reaching the age when they will be leaving the nest, a family portrait is sure to be one of their most treasured possessions as they grow older, and it's important for every family to choose a family portrait photographer who has had lots of experience with families of every shape and size.

Commitment and expertise

There are plenty of reasons for you to choose Wayne Salvatore for all your family portrait photography needs, the most important of which is our commitment to making your experience with us an enjoyable one. We will never hassle you or try to force you into buying any pictures you don't want, and with our reasonably priced photo packages, there are no hidden charges or add-ons to worry about. If you prefer the simple beauty and elegance of a family outdoor portrait, you'll be pleased to know that we will be happy to accommodate your wishes and can set up our equipment anywhere to assure that you get the most beautiful portraits of your family in any location that strikes your fancy. And of course, what family picture would be complete without the beloved pet? Whether in our studio or your home, the furry, feathered or scaly members of your family are always welcome.
During your family portrait photography session, we will take a selection of photographs in different poses and against different backgrounds for you to choose from, but remember that you will only be purchasing those that you have selected. We want you to be happy with your portrait and proud to show it off to everyone in the neighborhood, not settle for whatever the photographer thought was best. With all of our family portrait photography sessions, you have the option to have individual portraits taken of your children, as well as a group picture of the children and a portrait of the parents alone together, along with any other combinations you can think up. You have worked hard to get everyone together, so take advantage of it and get creative! When you return to the studio to view your portraits and choose the ones that will go into your package, we will project the images onto a screen so that it's easy for everyone to get a good look and pick out their favorites. Images can also be projected at various sizes so that you can see how your portraits will look when they are displayed. Wall photos make great gifts for special relatives like grandparents or godparents, and we will be more than happy to help you select the perfect size and frame to make this a gift they will never forget.

Capturing your family in a portrait is an important job, and of course you're going to want a family portrait photographer with experience and style as well as a friendly, honest manner. Wayne Salvatore personally photographs all of his own assignments with an assistant so he can get to know you and your family personally to help you create the best portraits you have ever seen. We never use sub-contractors or associate photographers for "less important" us, every client is a member of our family whether they spend a hundred or a thousand dollars, and we strive to make you and your family feel like royalty. Whether you're looking at family portrait photography as a way to decorate your holiday cards or simply to hang on a wall as a reminder of simpler times, you definitely want a family portrait photographer who can consistently deliver quality portraits year after year. Call Wayne Salvatore Photography today and we will set up an appointment at our studio for you to take a look at our work and get to know more about it. We look forward to meeting your family!
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